Our Story

Rolf and Cindy Nelson

Owners Rolf and Cindy Nelson

Forty summers ago at Great Point, two families met on the beach. As sometimes happens in these situations, food and drink were exchanged—a striped bass for a gin and tonic, to be precise. Sixteen years later the granddaughter of the fisherman and the son of the woman who mixed the cocktail found themselves working together at the Sconset Cafe: Rolf Nelson as a cook, Cindy Jelleme as a waitress.

What began as a summer romance did not end there, and although both Cindy and Rolf pursued individual adventures in the years that followed, they ended up reconnecting in New York City. By this time, Rolf had graduated top of his class from the Culinary Institute of America and was working at the acclaimed Windows on the World and Cindy was pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

The story comes full circle when Rolf and Cindy returned to the Café in 1995 and took over the bustling community restaurant, making it their own. Chef Rolf’s broad knowledge of other cultures and wines enabled him to create a menu that is both diverse and beautiful. Cindy with her incredible spirit, natural warmth and keen eye for detail has helped the Café evolve into a restaurant which is a cornerstone of the community and a meeting place for family, friends, and summer romances.